Chocolate Cups

Puff pastry cups are baked until golden and filled with melted chocolate and topped with a delectable, chocolate whipped cream mixture. Drizzled with melted semi-sweet and white chocolates, these decadent dessert treats are guaranteed to impress your guests!


5 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, melted
1 package (9.5 ounces) Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry Cups, prepared according to package directions
0.75 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
2 ounces white chocolate, melted


Spoon 1/4 teaspoon melted semi-sweet chocolate into each pastry cup.  Reserve remaining melted semi-sweet chocolate.
Beat the heavy cream and sugar in a medium bowl with an electric mixer on high speed until soft peaks form. Stir in 3 tablespoons reserved melted semi-sweet chocolate.  Spoon or pipe the mixture into the pastry cups.
Drizzle the remaining reserved melted semi-sweet chocolate and the melted white chocolate over the pastries.